Workout Of the Week #2 (WOW)

Most schools are back in session around here and that means a better routine, right?  Unfortunately, sometimes it doesn’t.  New schedules, new activities, and new excuses to not get that time in for yourself.  This week’s WOW (Workout of the Week)  is sure to be a sweaty one that you can do anywhere. You don’t have to do each round at once- split them up if it works for your schedule.

Waiting to pick your son or daughter up for practice?  Hop out of the car and bust out one of these rounds.  You might have some interesting looks, but YOU are getting it done!

Waiting for the bus? Let your child join in with you.  This is a great one to get his/ her blood flowing before school.  Fitness needs to be a family affair.

At almost 36 weeks pregnant, and some major soreness this week I have taken it easy (easier) than normal.  I made no excuses this morning, and busted out a round before I did anything else.  I modified the squat jumps to basic squats and increased my heart rate- you can do it too!


Click here for an example of a low jack.

How will you incorporate “The Sweaty 50″ into your day or week?
Comment below and tell us your plan OR share your results.  

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