Hi there I’m Jamie – devoted wife to one busy business owner / salesman and mommy to two beautiful young children (Mac – 6, Parker – 4).  My family means the world to me & you’ll see that through and through in my posts.  I’m also blessed to have have a very close relationship with my parents (my mom is my best friend & favorite workout partner), and my younger brother and his cute family.  Get ready to see lots of them as we’re all together as much as possible!

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I’ve been passionate about health and fitness since I was young – middle school to be exact as I would wake up super early to do a VHS recording of a show called Bodies in Motion on ESPN (yes, definitely showing my age by admitting that)!   Exercise and healthy eating has since just been “part of me.”   I thrive in group fitness classes & the accountability that comes along with working out with friends. (Turbokick, HIIT training and PiYo are a few favorite formats)  I also teach TRX classes and love any class which involves weights or body weight training.  Let’s face it….if it involves getting your heart rate up, burning fat and building muscle, I love it!  I think it’s so important, too, to share the importance of keeping your body “healthy” with your children.  They see Mommy bust her booty to get to the gym each day & they know it’s part of a healthy lifestyle here.  One year ago, I joined the Beachbody family as a coach and have loved every single second I’ve had helping others get healthy.  I run online support and accountability groups & love taking part in so many success stories and getting to witness, first-hand, lives being changed!



When I’m not at the gym, you can find me in the kitchen – I LOVE to cook!  Whether I’m trying a new recipe from one of my favorite foodie blogs or just creating something fresh and new here, I absolutely love healthy food!  My kids join me in the kitchen (especially my daughter) frequently, and I love sharing my passion for cooking with them!  I look forward to sharing many of my adventures in the kitchen with you here!

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