Hollie’s 40 Week “Bumpdate”

Here I am, 40 weeks + 1 day pregnant!  My whole pregnancy people said to me, “oh you won’t go a full 40-weeks, most people never do with their second one.”  Note to self, “Don’t believe everything you hear when pregnant.”  I am not sure why I didn’t learn this the first time around.

I am trying very hard not to get frustrated.  I feel like I have tried every old wives (besides the castor oil) tale there is about inducing labor at home- no success.  I have contractions daily, but never strong enough or close enough together. Thursday night I was up for 4 hours having contractions about every 10-20 minutes and then of course woke up today feeling fine.  Last night I finally was able to get a really good night’s rest.

I keep reminding myself to count my blessings: God has given me this child to carry and not every woman has that capability.  I am also reminded of the women who have a hard time carry a baby full term and I quickly turn my frustration into appreciation. From now until I have this baby I will be reciting this verse I read in yesterday’s devotion, “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you.  I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” (John 14:27)  I am trying to put my troubled, anxious heart aside and remember what a blessing it is to carry this child for 40 full weeks.

Here is a little update:

Weight Gain- I have not gained any weight in the last 3 weeks.   Overall, I have gained more weight than I did with Claire, but at every appointment (besides the last 3) the actual number has been the same as it was with Claire.  I feel like there is a “magic” number for my body to grow a baby (just my theory).

Workouts- I miss the gym!  I stopped teaching last week “just in case” and I miss my gym family.  I am still working out though.  This week I took it a little easier than normal: walking, a little running, lunges, push-ups, dips, and squats. Last week I ran over 3 miles in one day and 1.5 miles without putting a walking interval in the mix.  This was the longest stretch of running I have done in a long time.

Food Aversions- none and I have had none this whole pregnancy

Cravings- This whole pregnancy I have never had one of those, “I have to have this now, go to the store right now,” moments.  I have eaten an abnormal amount of ice cream, but it hasn’t been a severe craving.  With the cooler temperatures this week I have wanted to eat all things pumpkin and this morning I gave into a pumpkin donut from Dunkin’ Donuts, and then immediately regretted it when I was starving at 11:30 am for lunch.  I attribute this to anticipation of fall and not to pregnancy.

Sleep- Last night was a great night of sleep, but overall, I am not sleeping well, especially when I am up having contractions or being anxious about when this is all going to happen. (Again, why I need to be repeating John 14:27.)

Looking Ahead- I have another doctor’s appointment on Tuesday to see how I am doing.  Right now there is no progress and I am not dilated at all.  Apparently I have a cervix of steel and quite the cozy uterus- my babies like to stay where they are.  I delivered Claire at 40 weeks and 4 days.


I am hoping with patience and time this baby will come on his/ her own.  In the meantime, we are enjoying what will most likely be our last weekend as a family of 3.  Last night we enjoyed dinner at the local Mexican restaurant and picking some mums.  This morning we will head out for run for the hubby and a walk/ run for me- I am sure Claire will choose the faster one to push her in the stroller.  And then we will devote the rest of the day for college football course (especially cheering on the Irish tonight).

Jamie is looking forward to that blog post when she gets to announce whether or not Muscles & Munchkins is welcoming a new  boy or girl munchkin…. Until then, enjoy your day!

If you are a Mom, did you go late or early with your munchkins?
What do you have planned for your weekend?  

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Friday Fave: Jamie’s Favorite Gym Shoes


A quickie Friday Favorite on this BUSY Friday at our house!  I know favorite workout shoes vary from person to person & what may work for someone may totally NOT work for someone else……I get that.  All that said, however, I have sworn by my Nike Free TR Fit’s for the past 2 years.  Once a Nike Lunarglide-lover, now I can only consider these lovely training shoes for all of my various activities because they have been PERFECT for every group fitness class that I currently take:  Turbokick, Insanity (well….I’ve fallen off that boat, but they WERE great for that format), Boot Camp-style classes, strength classes, TRX, Body Pump and I’ve even worn these for quick :30 minute PiYo sessions after a cardio class.  I’ll even sport these when doing an at home workout like Focus T25 & I’m not on carpeting (Shaun T. even does his T25 barefoot on carpeting!)  Since they’re Nike, too, you know that you’re going to be treated to some awesome colors and patterns!  I’m on my 3rd pair of these now & I admit that I check Nordstrom almost weekly to see if they have any great sales on different colors!

What’s YOUR favorite workout shoe?

Anyone else a Nike-lover?


Hey YOU – – Don’t Skip Breakfast!


Confessions of an ex-breakfast skipper here!  Admittedly breakfast is NOT one of my most favorite meals of the day and because of that I have a looooong history of doing whatever I could to avoid eating a GOOD breakfast and trying to get through the rest of my day (running on fumes).  This ALL changed over a year ago when I discovered MY perfect breakfast after struggling to get through some pretty intense group fitness classes that I had been taking (and loving).  Who likes to hear their stomach growl halfway through a class or even feel dizzy, un-focused and flat out TIRED when you are trying to concentrate and CHANGE your body?  Little did I know I wasn’t helping to change my body….I was actually harming my body by doing this.  WHY is eating breakfast so important?   Your brain & central nervous system runs on glucose (that’s the fuel you need to walk, talk, think….etc.)…..sooo, if you’ve not eaten since the day/night before, your brain is surely deprived the next day (going 10-14 hours without), making it harder for your body to break down any carbohydrates and/or turn fats / proteins into a usable form for your brain to function!  Eating breakfast has been proven to improve concentration, problem-solving ability, mental performance, memory & mood.  FUELING your body first thing is KEY.  No wonder I had a hard time figuring out choreography or staying focused enough to memorize those “important” Turbos in class – – my brain just wasn’t functioning at full capacity.  IT WAS HUNGRY!

Many people also feel like if they skip breakfast they’ll lose weight…..WRONG!  Skipping breakfast actually leads to overeating later in the day.  Becoming over-hungry leads to a feeling of lack of control (hello, who hasn’t been HANGRY before?) and distorted satiety signals (meaning it’s harder to determine when you are actually full).  This can resort in taking in MORE calories than if one had eaten a appropriate breakfast.  In fact, it’s easier to control weight by eating frequent SMALL meals and snacks (healthy of course).

I know, if you’re a fellow busy mom out there or busy professional rushing out the door daily to get to work, breakfast can be tricky!  Don’t let time constraints be your excuse – – plan ahead & choose breakfast wisely.  For me, personally, time wasn’t a big factor in my “non eating breakfast days” – it was more I was convinced I didn’t like breakfast food & I wasn’t trying to eat the RIGHT things to fuel my body for optimal performance.  My own “perfect breakfast” actually turned out to be something I had heard about for months….something I had fought hard about NOT trying or believing in…..yep, the answer was right there compliments of my favorite fitness instructor who SWORE by her “daily dose of dense nutrition” – – Shakeology!   At first I hated the idea of a shake – could it REALLY fill me up, not bloat my stomach (yep, all other “protein” shakes had done this in the past) and get me through her TOUGH group fitness classes?   After just 4 days of “shake-testing”, I was sold.  Now, for me – – my go to, EVERY morning breakfast is a large glass of Shakeology.  Simply, it makes me feel amazing…..I crush fitness classes, am satisfied for hours, I can avoid over-eating later, I snack less & let’s be honest, it’s true “Mommy Fuel.”


Of course I realize that this is not the answer for everyone….some people actually like to EAT breakfast, they just don’t do it efficiently.   Let’s talk about a few wholesome & healthy breakfast options….

1.  Steel cut oats with fruit and nuts – check out this Overnight Oatmeal with Blueberries and Almonds or in honor of fall quickly approaching, how about Pumpkin Pie Baked Oatmeal?

2.  Breakfast sandwiches or wraps (I make these often for my kiddies):  A whole wheat English muffin, scrambled egg, turkey sausage, a slice of cheese (if that’s your thing) & voila!  I also like this idea (but hate the name:  The Low Calorie Breakfast Sandwich 0r this one Western Omelet Breakfast Sandwich.  You could easily mix and match these types of ingredients, do gluten-free breads & play around with the cheeses, etc.

3.  Eggs!  The perfect protein!  Check out:  Mini Egg White Fritatta’s  (awesome for on the go), Baked Eggs in Avocados (who doesn’t LOVE avocados?), or if you’re a kale-lover, Sweet Potato & Kale Baked Eggs.

4.  HEALTHY muffins (yes, they exist – – so steer clear of the ones that are calling your name from behind the glass at Starbucks – you know they are FILLED with sugar, fat and junk):  Pumpkin Protein Muffins, Antioxidant Power Muffins, or for a eggy option in the muffin category Egg and Spinach Fritatta Muffins.


5.  Pancakes & Waffles (yep, something that can also be made HEALTHY):  Wonderful Waffles, Orange Vanilla Greek Yogurt Pancakes (yum!), and Blueberry Oatmeal Waffles.

Are YOU an everyday breakfast-eater?

What’s your favorite breakfast?

Share away!

A Munchkin’s Birthday & A Workout

We officially have a 2- year old in our house! Happy 2nd Birthday to my sweet, independent and often times bossy, Claire!  

Being a mom to a little girl has really change me and my views.  As a female, it is extremely important for me to take care of myself, to love myself, and to respect my body so that she does the same to hers- this is what has driven my increased passion for health & fitness over the past couple of years.  For me, it is more about the muscles I gain, the weight I am able to lose, and the pants I can fit into:  it is about the confidence and emotional peace I get from a sweaty workout and fueling my body with healthy fuel.  As a teenager and into my college years, I had extremely low self confidence- I don’t want her to ever feel like this.  It is part of my job as her mother to do whatever I can to make sure my daughter feels good about herself on the inside and out– not just today as she turns 2, but forever.


In our house, I like to make birthdays extra special- so that is what we will do today!  Claire already had a “Splash Bash” at the neighborhood pool with her friends.  We did this early “just in case” her new brother or sister decided to make an early arrival. (Who was I fooling?)  So today, we will make the day “all about Claire”: pancakes, the apple orchard, the park and pizza for dinner.

My husband and I bought an old, handmade wooden play kitchen off of a virtual garage sale site for her birthday gift.  We spent a weekend refinishing it for her.  She will also get two special books.  The books come from a list of picture books that show strong, confident girls as characters and in the message.  I started this for her first birthday and is something I plan to continue each year.  We also bought her a new pair of “fast shoes” for her birthday.


Happy Birthday to my favorite little 2 year old munchkin… you know how to bring a smile to your Mommy’s face! 

It may be all about birthdays this morning, but we can’t get away without a “Workout of the Week”.  This workout I dug out of my fitness journal from right after I had Claire.  I remember struggling through this workout just 15 days after I had her.  I had written in my journal that I couldn’t do a lot of the exercises for the given amount of time.  This just shows that with persistence and hard work, you can reach your fitness goals.  No matter where you are in your fitness journey- try to do as much as you can.

WOW #6

 What special things do you do for your munchkins on their birthdays?
What did you think of the WOW?  How will you incorporate it into your week?

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Our First Giveaway!

Hooray for the very first Muscles & Munchkins giveaway featuring the ever-so popular…


The customized tanks are the perfect addition to your wardrobe.  They are great for the gym, to lounge in, and are ideal for a group race or competition.  These tanks can be customized to your style of shirt, color and saying preference.  Our FitParent of the month, was wearing her favorite saying on our post yesterday.  

I love the burnout choice option for the fitness tanks.  This option is very breathable and two shades of colors hides the sweat marks.


My mom’s shirt in this picture was a customized gift for Mother’s Day.  She is known in the running community for always yelling, “Go Gadget Legs” and was thrilled when we gave her this tank.  She wore it when she was featured in a healthy lifestyle article.  And yes, these tanks fit me up until I was about 34 weeks pregnant!

232323232%7Ffp83232)uqcshlukaxroqdfv65 =ot)2343=(54=(69=XROQDF)2 ;955736723 ot1lsi

Great for groups, these tanks were a seen all over the 2014 Beachbody Summit.  I personally think this would be so fun get a group of friends together to run a race and have matching tanks.  Now, just what would I want them to say?

Be Brave Fitness Tank

Down Dog half Moon Tank

Although I adore the burnout tanks, I really like the style of these as well.  I already have something Muscles & Munchkins related in this style for post-baby.  If you head over to their website, they also have some very cute off-the-shoulder sweatshirts that are perfect for fall.  When you order, tell them you saw our post!

To win a fitness tank…

This giveaway will run for the rest of the month.  You will have multiple opportunities to increase your chances to win.  To enter, it is simple:

1. Comment on our blog post (not our Facebook status, but our blog post).  Each day you do this, you will be entered into the giveaway.

2. If you have a blog, you can receive a double-entry by adding me to your Blog Roll and/or linking back to this giveaway. Just make sure you let us know you did.

You have exactly 3 weeks to increase your chances.  I will randomly draw a winner at 8pm on Tuesday, September 30th and will post the winner to the blog on October 1st.  At that time, you will get to choose your tank style, color and what you want it to say.

What would you like your fitness tank to say?
Do you have a motto you live by?

September’s FitParent

As we talked about surrounding ourselves with positive people last week, we decided to start a monthly feature: a FitParent of the month.  This person is someone who inspires us in the world of parenting our little munchkin(s), setting a good example, and taking time for health and fitness.  This person can be someone in our community, YOUR community or in the blogging world.

When talking about our very first FITPARENT, there was no question who we wanted to choose.  I already had my idea written down in my “blog book” and Jamie messaged me who she thought it should be- it was the same person…

Our dear friend, Farrah!

Farrah pic


I met Farrah last summer at our gym (of course), and we have grown to become close friends.  She is extremely kind, has a huge heart, and has two of the most awesome munchkins I know (her husband is quite the caring individual as well).  The one thing adore about Farrah is her passion to advocate for her children whether it is their education, extracurricular activities or health; she is their #1 cheerleader.

Farrah is a full-time working mom (a teacher) who does the very best job I have ever seen at managing it all- quite impressive.  I understand the demands in the world of education these days and I continually impressed with her ability to effectively teach her students, raise her children with intention, be a good wife, create time for her friends, and still take time for herself.  She understands the importance of taking care of herself so she can take care of her family.  I don’t know how she does it, but she does it well!  One other thing I really love about Farrah is that although health and fitness is a huge priority in her life, she is never too hard on herself and enjoys life.  Farrah has no problem eating birthday cake with her kids, enjoying cinnamon toast at Cafe Patachou, or indulging in a pumping treat here and there during the fall months- she understands balance

Without further ado, meet Farrah…

Q: What inspires you?

Farrah: I am inspired by all of my fitness friends who I have met over the past 2 and half years. Everyone has a personal story for staying fit and they are individually inspiring. My fitness friends keep me accountable when I feel really unmotivated.

Q: How do you make time in your busy schedule for your own health and fitness?

Farrah: At the beginning of each week, I figure out what my schedule will be based on work and my kids’ schedules. Then I figure out what classes I can get to and what time. Sometimes I pay-to-play or try something new to keep my body guessing, and if I pay for classes in advance, I definitely show up.  I will try anything once!

Farrah Jumping

Q: What is your favorite workout?

Farrah: Turbo will always be my first love for an awesome cardio workout. It is the workout that made me make fitness a priority. TRX is my favorite strength because there are so many exercises you can do with your own body weight, not to mention the stretch on a TRX is unparalleled.

Q: What is your favorite thing to do with your munchkins?

Farrah:  We are SO busy during the week, that I love when we can all sit down for family movie night or enjoy a family program on the Disney channel. We also really enjoy trips to the zoo and family walks to the park and through our neighborhood.

Farrah and her kids

Q: What is a goal you have for  yourself?

My long term fitness goal is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and make myself a priority as best I can. My short term goals consist of getting PiYo certified and maybe even getting TRX certified, and maybe, off in the distant future, I will be brave enough to teach some type of fitness class. (Gulp!) I want to always set a good example for my kids and make sure they are never afraid to try something, even if it’s just one time.

Farrah in Fitness Tank


Do you have a Fitfriend who inspires you?

Friday Fave Featuring: Cafe Patachou


Today I’m highlighting one of my all time favorite breakfast, brunch & lunch spots:  Cafe Patachou.  Actually, I love any of the “-chous” in our area since I nothing but love for Petite Chou as well!   I have been meeting good friends and family at Patachou for years now & I have yet to be disappointed.  We’ve celebrated birthdays, new babies, back to school, shopping trips and new business ventures at Patachou.  It’s really a “happy place” for me & I haven’t even started to talk about the food!  Just the thought of Patachou coffee with a friend makes me smile – you can’t beat a cup of their Highlander Grog and a seat next to a good friend.  The menu at Patachou is farm-fresh & healthy with JUST the right amount of decadence if you’re in the mood to treat yourself (hello – who’s had their cinnamon toast?)  They also have MANY options for those who have special dietary restrictions…you know, things like gluten-free toast and egg whites only omelettes.  My two absolute favorite things on the menu are:  their signature Tomato Artichoke Soup (I’ve located a “copycat” recipe which comes close- you can find it in yesterday’s blogpost!) and the Patachou Chopped Cobb Salad complete with applewood smoked bacon, avocado, chicken, tomatoes, hard boiled egg, Gorgonzola cheese and a delicious homemade vinaigrette.

SEPT 8 2012 004_crop

Sooo……if you’re in the Indy-area and have NOT been to a Cafe Patachou or Petite Chou – – what are you waiting for?  I promise  you won’t be disappointed!


If you’re a Patachou or Petite Chou regular – what is YOUR fave or “go to” item on their menu?  I’m curious!

Recipe Round-Up: Soups

It is that time of year: SOUPS!  One of the things we love the most about fall is a big pot of healthy soup simmering on the stove (or in the crockpot).  With the NFL season kicking off tonight (and yes, we BOTH love some football… GO COLTS), what a better time than to share some of our favorite soup recipes.


In our house, once football starts, we designate every Sunday as “Soup Sundays” until March- that is 6 months of soups!  I almost always double the recipe so Josh can have some quick, easy lunches during the week.  While the hubby always insists on kicking off the first “Soup Sunday” with his famous, yummy chili we have some other favorites in our house as well.

One of the easiest crowd-pleaser soups is my Crockpot Tortilla Soup.  I have adapted several recipes to get this one ” just how I like it”: yummy & easy.  I love recipes that you can just throw in the crockpot and let it do it’s magic.

Crockpot Chicken Tortilla Soup

3-4 Chicken Breasts
1 can whole or diced  tomatoes (if you use whole, mash them)
1 can of black beans
1.5 cups red enchilada sauce
Onion-to-your- liking chopped (I only use a half)
1 small can chopped green chili peppers
1 can chicken broth
1 can water
small bag of frozen corn

1 teaspoon minced garlic
1 teaspoon chili powder
1 teaspoon cumin
1 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon black pepper
1 bay leaf

1.  Place all of the ingredients (except the corn) & spices in the crockpot.
2. Cook on low for 6-8 hours.
3. Take a fork and pull apart the chicken- this should be very easy.
4. 30 minutes before serving, add a small bag of frozen corn
5. Enjoy!


I LOVE Hollie’s “Soup Sunday” idea – – I may have to steal that for our house this year!  I can be found whipping up soup at LEAST 1x a week here once the temps start going down.  I love how versatile soup can be &  let’s be honest, they are just a good opportunity to put HEALTHY ingredients in front of my family, so I’m all in!  While I mentioned COOLER temps for soup, do NOT let me forget that I took advantage of our bountiful tomato harvest here earlier in the week & came up with my own Balsamic Roasted Tomato Soup – – a super simple & clean recipe (see below):

photo 1

photo 2photo 3


photo 4

1.  Cut & seed 8-10 fresh tomatoes & put onto baking sheet.  Drizzle with olive oil & season with fresh garlic, salt, pepper & a splash of balsamic vinegar.  Roast at 450 until tomatoes start to brown.

2.  While tomatoes are in the oven, chop 1/2 onion and 3-4 carrots.  Add to a soup pot and saute with a touch of olive oil and garlic.  Once softened, add 1 carton of organic reduced sodium chicken broth.  Let this simmer while tomatoes are roasting.

3.  Add tomatoes to the pot, and toss in some fresh basil (to taste).  Let simmer together for 10 minutes or so.  (Shake in some Parmesan cheese for some extra tang).

4.  Use an immersion blender to blend the soup into more of a puree (a blender can be used as well).

5.  Keep on stove until serving – – serve topped with Parmesan cheese (always a winner with kiddos), chunks of avocado, maybe some blue corn tortilla chips for crunch.  Enjoy!

Favorite Recipes:
Check out some of the other favorite recipes that frequent our homes.

  • Tortelinni Vegetable Soup (add spinach & kale to this)
  • Creamy Mushroom & Chicken Soup (use coconut milk instead of cream & olive oil to sautee veggies for a cleaner version)
  •  (Copycat) Petite Chou Tomato and Artichoke
  • Tuscan Ribollita (excluding the bread)
  • Chicken Avocado & Lime (similar to the way I make my homemade chicken tortilla soup)
  • White Bean, (Kale) and Sausage (I add kale to this recipe).

These are both from Tosca Reno’s Eat Clean cookbook, but I managed to find the recipes on the web for your easy-viewing.  I love all her recipes:

  • Maui Black Bean Soup 
  • Zesty Spinach Soup 

What are YOUR fave cooler weather soup recipes? Please Share.

Workout of the Week #5

Good morning!  It has been a busy morning for me already and I am sure glad I had this workout to go to first thing this morning.  Unfortunately, when my husband came in after his workout to wake me up at 6:15, I only had time to get in one round- one round was enough to get me sweating, increase my heart rate and get my blood flowing so I could take on the day.  I also completed this workout yesterday after 35 minute power walk.

My husband, who is training for a half marathon in November, completed a modified version of this as well.  He combined the push-ups and spiderman planks with four 800m repeats for some speed work and strength this morning.  To say the least, he came in after his workout this morning and his words were, “I have a bone to pick with you dear.  Those planks were no joke!”  A complete success in my book, as it has taken almost 7 years of “togetherness” for him to allow me to write his workouts.

This workout might also be a good time to give yourself a “fit test” and see how many push-ups you can do on your toes.  This morning I decided I want to see how many I could do at 38 weeks and 4 days pregnant.  I am happy to report that I was able to get 13 push-ups on my toes and then dropped to my knees for the last 7.

Give it a go and let us know what you think!  If you are new to fitness, that is okay- do you what you can!  Try doing 10 reps in each round instead of 20 or even spread out the rounds throughout the day.  Whatever you do, just MOVE today!


WOW #5


How will you incorporate this workout into your week?

Surround Yourself with Positive People

What a great three-day weekend it was!  We had visitors all weekend and it was great to be with family & friends before this baby decides to make his/ her grand appearance.  On Saturday, despite a few location changes, we threw an early 2nd birthday party for Claire and all the kiddos seemed to have a great time.  Sunday was spent relaxing with my family and doing some things around the house.  On Monday, my wonderful husband let me have a whole morning and afternoon to myself: a nice workout, lunch with a friend and a pedicure.

Claire 2nd Birthday cupcake

(Still not sure how my little girl is almost 2, and she LOVES the occasional treat! )

Despite throwing a birthday party and enjoying some relaxing time with family and friends we still managed to MOVE this weekend.

I am continually reminded of the important to surround myself with people who are encouraging to my lifestyle.   Last week I blogged about tips for a fit pregnancy and this exact thing was one of my tips.  This weekend I couldn’t help but think about how true that was.  No matter where you are in your fitness journey (or any journey for the matter), it is so important surround yourself with people who encourage your positive behavior and/ or change.

On Sunday, my family set out for a run.  We are all in different stages of our training: my husband is fast and is training for a sub 1:40 half marathon, my mom’s significant other is training his first full marathon (at the age of 55-impressive!), my mom is training to lead a sub 2:00 half marathon pace group, my sister hasn’t run since her half in April, and then there is me who does what I can at 38 weeks pregnant.  Despite the different levels, we all set out and did it together.  We put Claire in the stroller, and grabbed a bike and all set out together.  Josh and Thom went ahead of us girls and reached their goals.  Although at 38 weeks pregnant, I am slower than my mom, she stayed with me and encouraged me the whole time.  My sister and I took turns riding and running.  I ended up doing a total of 5.59 miles, and 4 of those were running, which was the most I have done since my third trimester.  As we finished the workout and neared our house,  Josh stood on the corner and waited to cheer each of us on.  I am so thankful I have a fit family that can be together and put our health and fitness first.


(Please don’t mind my large sweat spots on my shirt. We are missing the awesome 55-year old who is training for first full marathon- someone had to take the picture.)

My workout on Monday was nothing short of pure encouragement.  I am so lucky to have a gym that is so positive, encouraging and full of people in all different walks of fitness.  My two dear friends, Heather & Farrah, who have been an amazing support system really forced encouraged me at Claire’s birthday party to step out of my comfort zone and try something new.  They both know I am not a fan of highly choreographed group exercise classes and especially not Turbo Kick, but their support was all I needed to get up and get it done on Monday morning.  (The fact that we agreed to have brunch at my favorite spot after AND the workout was outdoor and for a good cause helped as well.)  Once I got to the workout, the 85 plus people kept me going.   So many Y members came up to me and complimented and encouraged me.  My friend to the right of me made a comment about my 38-week pregnant plank that kept me going (Thanks, Brandee).   I even got a shout of from the instructor!  After 30 minutes of sweaty Turbo Kick and 60 minutes of butt-burning Piyo, I was so glad I did it…. and even said I may start to do a little more Turbo!

Labor Day Workout

(My fit-mommy-friends, Brandee & Farrah)

After this workout, there were so many pictures and comments flying around Facebook and Instagram.  There was one that really caught my eye from a lady who lost her son this winter.  She commented about how her friends from the Y really encouraged and supported her through such a hard time in her life.  They welcomed her back when she was ready… and this was her first workout back.  Just a huge testimony of how important it is to surround yourself with positive, encouraging people AND how blessed we all are to have this place as our gym home- it is more than a fitness facility.

Y parking lot during workout

(How awesome is this place?  Photo credit of class instructor & master trainer, Julie Voris)

Whether it is beginning a workout routine, changing your diet, saving money or even being a better parent or spouse,share your goals and surround yourself with people who encourage instead of discourage.

Who in your life plays a big role in encouraging your goals?