A Birthday Tribute to My Better Half



Happy 33rd Birthday to my husband, Josh! 

We are extremely blessed to have this man as the leader of our family.  A Godly man, who sets an incredible example.

This man is the epitome of supportive.  He has not only been supportive in every crazy idea I have had, but has been my biggest cheerleader.  From starting Girls on the Run of Hamilton County, to going to grad school to starting this blog, he has not only been by my side, but has been genuinely excited for me every step of the way.

A good husband and an incredible Father, our children are so lucky to have this man as their Daddy.  Being a daddy of a girl has brought out a sensitive side in him that I never knew existed.    He has been equally as awesome with Max and seeing my husband with his son brings me so much joy.  There is just something about raising the son of the man you love.  He loves these two more than they will ever know.  We are all so thankful this man was born 33 years ago!

He works extremely hard to provide for our family and for that I am so appreciative.  Between working long hours, traveling often and serving in our community, he still makes time to for both family and friends: a devoted husband, father, son, brother and friend.

As much as he loves his family and friends he also LOVES Indiana University athletics… especially basketball.  He has been going to games at Assembly Hall for 31 years!  He can name players and the years they played dating back to before he could even read.  Besides spending time with his family and friends, I am not sure there is anything he likes more.

Family, friends, IU athletics, and being active & adventurous about sums up this Birthday boy.  I love being married to someone who enjoys traveling, the outdoors, good wine and being active as much as I do.  I know some wonder how we can spend so much time together- it is because he is truly my best friend and we share so many common interests.

So when I asked him what he wanted or wanted to do for his Birthday this was his response, “A home cooked dinner and no gifts.  I want to use the money you’d spend on a gift to start saving for another trip overseas.”  Three years ago we were able to spend 10 days in three Italian cities.  We came up with a savings plan and forewent any Birthday, Christmas, Anniversary or any  holiday gifts for a whole year and put it towards our trip instead- it was well worth it.

So tonight, we will eat steaks on the grill, mashed potatoes, broccoli with cheese, hard crust bread with olive oil dipping sauce, and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies (all by his request) at home while watching the Colts and talking about that trip we will begin saving for.

To another year of laughter and adventure… Cheers!

Your turn- tell me!
What do you do for spouse or significant other’s birthday?


  1. Karleigh says

    Dinner and movie! I’m pretty poor at the moment so it will have to suffice. Love you Ry!

    • Hollie says

      Dinner and a movie sounds perfect to me. Simple, easy and stress-free… I like those kind of birthdays.


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