Our First Giveaway!

Hooray for the very first Muscles & Munchkins giveaway featuring the ever-so popular…


The customized tanks are the perfect addition to your wardrobe.  They are great for the gym, to lounge in, and are ideal for a group race or competition.  These tanks can be customized to your style of shirt, color and saying preference.  Our FitParent of the month, was wearing her favorite saying on our post yesterday.  

I love the burnout choice option for the fitness tanks.  This option is very breathable and two shades of colors hides the sweat marks.


My mom’s shirt in this picture was a customized gift for Mother’s Day.  She is known in the running community for always yelling, “Go Gadget Legs” and was thrilled when we gave her this tank.  She wore it when she was featured in a healthy lifestyle article.  And yes, these tanks fit me up until I was about 34 weeks pregnant!

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Great for groups, these tanks were a seen all over the 2014 Beachbody Summit.  I personally think this would be so fun get a group of friends together to run a race and have matching tanks.  Now, just what would I want them to say?

Be Brave Fitness Tank

Down Dog half Moon Tank

Although I adore the burnout tanks, I really like the style of these as well.  I already have something Muscles & Munchkins related in this style for post-baby.  If you head over to their website, they also have some very cute off-the-shoulder sweatshirts that are perfect for fall.  When you order, tell them you saw our post!

To win a fitness tank…

This giveaway will run for the rest of the month.  You will have multiple opportunities to increase your chances to win.  To enter, it is simple:

1. Comment on our blog post (not our Facebook status, but our blog post).  Each day you do this, you will be entered into the giveaway.

2. If you have a blog, you can receive a double-entry by adding me to your Blog Roll and/or linking back to this giveaway. Just make sure you let us know you did.

You have exactly 3 weeks to increase your chances.  I will randomly draw a winner at 8pm on Tuesday, September 30th and will post the winner to the blog on October 1st.  At that time, you will get to choose your tank style, color and what you want it to say.

What would you like your fitness tank to say?
Do you have a motto you live by?

Another FASHION Friday Favorite

Ladies!  My fingers (and toes) are crossed in the hopes that FALL is just around the corner!  Who doesn’t LOVE fall?  I could go on and on about what, specifically, I love about fall but instead here is a little peek at some of my specific fall faves:

Fall Collage

Scuba hoodies, PSL’s (Yes, I know what’s in them – I have 1 every year…sue me), pumpkin spice candles, Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin Ale, pumpkin-patching with my kiddies, fall clothes, football & (healthy) comfort foods.  Let’s stop here, however, & focus on one of fall’s most essential wardrobe items – – THE SKINNY JEAN.  I clearly remember the day I sat at my desk at work instant messaging with a good friend of mine who was living in Los Angeles….I was swearing up and down that I’d NEVER wear skinny jeans.  I was convinced they were not for my muscular legs and pretty much just thought they’d look hideous.  Fast forward to NOW & I am eating my words as I LOVE LOVE LOVE my favorite pair of skinnies!!!  You’ll be shocked to know that:

1.  They did not cost $200 (I’d NEVER spend that much on jeans….ever.)

2.  They aren’t some trendy brand.

I think that people ASSUME you must spend a ton and shop ONLY at stores like Nordstrom or Saks for good skinnies (or jeans in general).  The winner here?  Good old Gap 1969 Always Skinny jeans.  Yep, the Gap.  These fit like a glove & come with just the right amount of stretch, but not too much that within an hour of wearing them you are constantly tugging and pulling them up (you ladies know what I mean).  They are FABULOUS.   Perfect for booties, flats, riding boots, Uggs & even my beloved Hunters.  I promise they’ll be your favorite too – – rush out and try some & then start stocking up for FALL!  (Bonus:  These are ON SALE for Labor Day – regularly $69, marked down to $41 – – !!!)


Do YOU have a fave pair of skinnies?  If so, please share!  

What are some of your other fall favorites?  

First Friday Favorite: Fitness Fashion

Considering I spend about 85% of my time in workout clothes, I HAVE found some favorite items that are staples in my closet for the gym (and let’s face it…..everyday, too!)  For my very FIRST “Friday Favorite”,  I’m highlighting one of my favorite pairs of crops – – the Old Navy Compression Capri!  Priced UNDER $30, these are a STEAL considering it’s hard to buy quality workout crops UNDER $50 anymore, right?  Also, who doesn’t have some sort of discount code or coupon for Old Navy?  It seems like they have sales every day!

While I prefer shades of black for workouts (colors tend to show sweat & who likes that look?), I’m LOVING the cute prints they’ve added to this line.  In fact, I swear that I’m half responsible for the stripey black pair becoming almost a uniform at our local YMCA as I featured this pair on my Facebook a while back!  Now, EVERYONE has them!  I love it!

These pants are survivors, too – I’m sure I’ve had my first couple of pairs for a few years now & they still fit great!  I’ve even branched out to the long compression style for the winter months & while I never really wore them for working out (still too hot), I certainly sported them with my Hunters + Uggs for comfy, casual-wear.

Head to Old Navy or over to http://www.oldnavy.com & check these pants out today!

PicMonkey Collage