Friday’s Five Favorites IX

Heart Rate Monitor

Even though I am a stay-at-home mom, I still love Fridays!  Although I still have the same amount of “work” to do on the weekends I have help all day long, the days are a much slower pace, and I enjoy being with my little family. I am getting a later start this morning, but […]

Friday’s Five Favorites VIII

Friday once again!  I usually feel really good on Fridays and am ready for the weekend to get started so we can relax and enjoy some time as a family.  This weekend I won’t be ready for the weekend until about noon tomorrow.  The Girls on the Run 5k is tomorrow and once that is over […]

Friday’s Five Favorites VII


Oh Friday, how I love you!  Usually Friday mornings are “Mommy & Max” time: Claire goes to “school”, Josh is at work and Max and me go to the grocery store and then hang out the rest of the morning.  Today looks a little different as I am heading off to sub a class at […]

Friday’s Favorites VI

Happy Halloween!  How many of you are sending your munchkins off to school in costumes or halloween themed clothing?  Claire refers to everything with a pumpkin as “pumpkin patch”, so I am sure when she wakes this morning and I dress her in her pumpkin shirt she will say, “pumpkin patch, Mommy.” We have another busy, but […]

Friday’s Five Favorites V


Happy Friday… afternoon!  I hope this post brings you all just a few more hours until a relaxing weekend.  My goal is to usually post in the mornings, but the dark mornings are making it harder for Josh and I to get out of bed on time.  Waking up late made my morning a bit […]

Friday’s Five Favorites IV

Champion Sports Bra

Good morning, oh how I love Fridays!  Not only is it Friday, but there is a special little man in my house that is 1 month old today.  How did that happen?  He is my main reason the number of posts per week have decreased.  I am still trying to figure out the balance between […]

Friday’s Five Favorites III

Hey all – Jamie here!  Happy, happy Friday!!!!  I’m so excited to share my 5 Friday Faves with you this morning!  I brainstormed the list while sitting at chilly hockey practice last night & messaging Hollie!  Naturally it was an easy list to compile because, let’s be honest, I LOVE talking about my favorite things! […]

Friday’s Five Favorites II

Friday, Friday, Friday!!!  I love the weekends and look forward to the time we get to spend as a family.  I am especially looking forward to this weekend as we have visitors coming.  My cousin and her two kids will be visiting and we plan on taking all of our munchkins to the pumpkin patch on […]

Another FASHION Friday Favorite

Ladies!  My fingers (and toes) are crossed in the hopes that FALL is just around the corner!  Who doesn’t LOVE fall?  I could go on and on about what, specifically, I love about fall but instead here is a little peek at some of my specific fall faves: Scuba hoodies, PSL’s (Yes, I know what’s […]