Friday Favorites #25 (On a Saturday)

It is not Friday, but I am still sharing my favorites from this week.  It has been a great week and I couldn’t resist sharing my favorites from this week.  We are absolutely loving summer and everything that comes with it!

I actually had this typed up and was getting ready to put in the pictures yesterday but I never got it finished.  Instead since my husband was working from home in the afternoon he suggested that once the munchkins went down for a nap I should go enjoy some “me” time.  So I went shoe shopping and got a pedicure and decided that the blog post could wait until today.  So here it is, my favorites from the week…

Favorite Munchkin Moment

A few weeks back we bought a used wagon and have been enjoying family walks ever since.  If we aren’t spending our days swimming, we often go on wagon walks after lunch.  For some reason walks in the wagon are much more fun than in the stroller.  M loves looking around and also usually picking up dirt from the bottom of the wagon and trying to eat it.  C likes to get in and out of the wagon and sometimes even help pull her brother.  I think I like the wagon because it is so much more engaging: we are able to talk more and point to things together.

Favorite Workout

Crossfit takes the cake this week.  I have gone and done two days of Crossfit this week and have really enjoyed the change of pace.  I am really looking forward to my Saturday morning workout there too!   This morning’s workout was awesome!!

Favorite Eat

I whipped up some lemon pepper chicken this week for dinner and to have on hand and ended up pairing it with spaghetti squash for the best, most delicious “pasta” bowl.  This consisted of chicken, spaghetti squash, sautéed red peppers, pesto and sunflower seeds.  It was so good that I ate it twice!

Favorite Read

I have been reading Whole30 and love what I am learning.  I am not sure that I am going to try and implement 30 days of Whole30 because let’s be honest: I love wine.  However, I do like what I am learning and might try implementing some things and see how I feel.  If for nothing else, the recipes are awesome!

Favorite Item

This may not be an adult item, but I am loving the puddle jumper for C!  This is the first summer she has been able to use one and it is a game changer.  She will “swim” all by herself.  Although she is not quite 30lbs, it still holds her up great and she feels confident in the water.

Your turn- tell me!
What are you loving this week?
What new type of workout are you loving or want to try?


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