Friday’s Five Favorites #17

It is later that usual for my Friday post: a collection of things I have enjoyed this week, called Friday’s Five Favorites.  It is good for the soul to think about all the blessings you have enjoyed this week.

Speaking of blessings, I am sitting at my kitchen table blogging away while listening to my sweet boy babble away and give me the biggest grins.  I just sent my husband and daughter off to their first (of many) daddy-daughter dance.  Life is sweet, really sweet!  Sending my daughter off with her daddy and having a quiet house with my little man tonight might just be my most favorite thing of the week.

Besides this moment right here, there are some other things I have enjoyed this week and am ready to share them with you.

Favorite Munchkin Moment

Mornings for most families can be quite hectic and I feel super blessed to not have to rush around in the mornings to get my kids out the door to go to a job outside of my house.  Since our sweet toddler has learned to get out of her bed a soon as she wakes up and come into our room to say, “good morning!” mornings have changed a little bit.  However I am enjoying the few minutes in the morning where I am nursing M or he has just finished and we are all in bed chatting and laughing in the morning before it is time to get our day started.  We do not let our children sleep in our bed with us, but it is fun to have a few minutes of snuggle time each morning.

Favorite Workout

I took a leap of faith by starting a Muscles & Munchkins fitness challenge and my challengers have been incredible!  Each day I post a fitness challenge for them to complete and they receive points.  There is also usually a bonus or two as well.  The energy and motivation from the group amazes me.  Today’s challenge workout was a countdown superset and for an extra point you could make up your own and share it with the group.  After 20 minutes on the treadmill, one of my friends and fellow challengers knocked out this workout and it was awesome.  If you choose to do this, go as heavy on the weights as you can.  I did 85# on the bench press, used a band for assisted pull-ups, 40# bar for the bicep curls and 25# plate for triceps dips.

Favorite Eat

It is no secret that I LOVE sweets!  I went to a blogging workshop this week and the dessert was this amazing cupcake: I can’t stop thinking about it.  Chocolate cupcake with bacon pieces and carmel frosting.  I immediately snapped a picture and sent it to my friend who is the best baker I’ve ever known and told her she needed to recreate it.

Favorite Read

I have read this blog post: Why Being a Mom is Enough several times and I love this short, but true read.  We get too caught up in what we see via social media and tend to let envy and guilt take over our lives.  I am guilty of it.  Sometimes I see that mom whose house is spic and span or perfectly decorated and I feel like I am failing.  Or I see that mom who has awesome crafts planned for their children and feel like I should be doing more.  I need to remember that I am enough, all of me, just the way I am.

Favorite Item

This is a really big item, but I did something I said I would never do this week and we bought a minivan for me to drive… and well, I am LOVING it!  It is so much easier to get in and out of with two little ones and I don’t know why I didn’t listen to my husband back in April when I got my crossover SUV and refused a minivan.  Maybe I should now turn this blog into muscles, munchkins and a minivan.

Your turn- tell me!
What has made you feel really blessed this week?
How have you taken a leap of faith recently?
What is one item you refused to purchase, but so glad you did once you had it?


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