Friday’s Five Favorites #22

It’s Friday and I am glad!  This has been such a great week with the Spring weather- it makes me so happy!  I am here for my weekly post of my favorites this week: a time where I reflect on the things that I have loved this week.  Let’s get to it… and as always, please leave a comment and tell me what you have enjoyed this week.

Favorite Munchkin Moment

As I look back on the week, I have two moments with my two little ones that stick out in my head.   After nap time the other day M and I went into C’s room to get her up and the two just played on the bed for a good 20 minutes and laughed the whole time.  C would just start laughing and M would follow.  He would basically do whatever she did and then he would roll over and try to get her.  Seeing them began to play together is so incredible.

It has also been warm enough for us to go outside, go on walks and play at the park.  Yesterday we walked to our neighborhood park where M got to swing for the first time.  It was so great to be outside with the two of them.

Favorite Workout

Today I got to meet a good friend for a workout.  This was such a treat because she usually works during the day, but was on Spring Break so we were able to meet for a tough workout in the weight room and then venture out to lunch with our four munchkins.  I love working out with my fit friend Farrah because she always pushes me, makes me try new things, and never lets me skip my core (I hate working my core).  Today she had us try the dual cable cross machine and I loved it.  I tend to use the same equipment whenever I workout so this was a nice change of pace.

Favorite Eat

Up until today’s lunch at my favorite brunch spot, Cafe Patachou, I knew exactly what I was going to feature for this week’s favorite eat, but the Hippie with a Benz omelet and cinnamon toast always win my heart!  I always sub out the feta with goat cheese and get it on the side since my stomach doesn’t do well with a lot of cheese and it is the best omelet ever!

Favorite Read

I had taken a break from my Elite Blog Academy for a few weeks and this week I had some time to get through another Unit.  I love reading Ruth’s teachings of the blogging world and each unit I learn a great deal.  If you have been thinking about writing a blog or are a blogger and want to learn more, I highly recommend the Elite Blog Academy.  Ruth is the best of the best and these online classes are great for anyone who wants to step up their blogging game (or begin it).

Favorite Item

My friend from the gym sent me this beautiful, classic leather bracelet after I wrote my Body After Baby 5 month post.  I absolutely love this bracelet.  I love that I can wear it with practically everything- and I do!  Plus the wording, “Only Love Today” is a great reminder every time I look at it.

Your turn- tell me!
What new piece of gym equipment would you like to try?
What are some of your favorites from the week?

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