Friday’s Five Favorites VII

Oh Friday, how I love you!  Usually Friday mornings are “Mommy & Max” time: Claire goes to “school”, Josh is at work and Max and me go to the grocery store and then hang out the rest of the morning.  Today looks a little different as I am heading off to sub a class at the gym and Max gets some time with Daddy this morning.  After the gym I also plan to head out in hopes of finding some “in between” jeans until I can fit into all my pre-pregnancy jeans.  I dread this task, but it has to happen.

This weekend should be a nice, relaxing weekend at home with my family.  All we have on the agenda is a run with some girlfriends for me, swim lessons for Claire, and a date for Josh and me.  I am looking forward to the time with my little family.

Before we jump into the weekend, let’s chat about some of my favorites from this week.  Please share some of your favorites in the comments section.  I enjoy hearing what my readers are loving too!

Favorite Munchkin Moment

When I was pregnant with Max, I was not sure how I was going to do two things: get across a parking lot and bedtime routine when it was just me at home.  My two sweet munchkins usually prove me wrong with bedtime and it one of the most wonderful times of the day.  This week I put these brand new footie pajamas on Claire after her bath and she was thrilled that she had jammies just like her little brother.  We have also been reading a book from the library that mentions snuggling and when we get to that page she loves to get down on the floor and snuggle with Max and then me.  I love this time with these two.

Favorite Workout

Teaching four times a week makes it difficult for me to get in my own workout.  I know many say, “you teach group exercise, isn’t that your workout?”  Well yes, kinda.  You see, I usually only do the class at about 85-90% and I am moving about the room checking for form and motivating as well.  Although I do get in a good workout while I am teaching, I also like to have time for my own workouts especially doing some heavier lifts in the weight room.  This week I did not get as much weight training done on my own as I would like.  However, I did do this quick kettlebell circuit (using a 30 lb. kettlebell)  after teaching one of my classes. Give it a try!  I would recommend combining it with some additional strength training or some cardio intervals as the workout itself is not very long.

Favorite Eat

Oh my, brussel sprouts!  I never had brussel sprouts until I was in California over the summer.  I liked them, but for some odd reason they were one of those foods I was afraid to cook.  I finally bit the bullet and tried Eggs in a Basket from Fitnessista: eggs, brussel sprouts and sweet potatoes.  I don’t have to rave about how good it is… I can just tell you I have had it for dinner twice and lunch twice this week.  And when I ran out of sweet potatoes, I just doubled the brussel sprouts- so good!


(Photo courtesy of Fitnessista)

Favorite Watch

I have changed my “Favorite Read” to my “Favorite thing to Watch” this week.  I am not at all a tv or movie person.  In fact, if it weren’t for my husband I could go without even having a tv (besides to watch sports).  I have never really had a show and I usually fall asleep during movies.  However, Josh and I have recently started watching Parenthood and I LOVE it.  I know we are quite late to the Parenthood craze, but that is okay- better late than never.  We have been together for 7 years and have finally found a show we both enjoy.

Favorite Item

I never used a moby wrap with Claire and I wish I would have- this thing is amazing.  Sometimes in the late afternoon, Max has a hard time falling asleep.  He will get fussy, but can’t fall asleep without me snuggling him.  Although I love the snuggles, there are times when I have to get dinner prepped before Claire wakes from her nap or fold clothes (because laundry is never-ending).  I put him in the moby wrap, he falls asleep instantly and I can be productive during nap time.

(I need to get better at this “selfie” thing.)

Your turn- tell me!
What was something you loved this week?
If you teach fitness classes, how do you make time for your own workout?
What other baby carriers do you like?


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