Momentum Instagram Challenge, Week 2 Recap

Week 2 of the #momentumphotochallenge is in the books and if you have not joined us yet, it is not too late.  If you follow me on Instagram then you know all about, if not, head on over there and check out our hashtag.  For the month of September, Tara and I are encouraging our followers to keep up their momentum and to reach those health and fitness goals.  It has been a blast to see how others sweat, eat, relax and dress in their favorite workout attire.

Tara recapped Week One and I am here to show you some of my favorite entries from Week 2.  Every entry has been awesome so head on over, search #momentumphotochallenge and them out for yourself.

Day 7 Relax by Skortaholics

“KB has this #relax stuff down.”

Day 8 Fresh Start by Ralnelso

“Some days my eating are better than others, but every day is a chance for a #freshstart! After an extended weekend at the lake, I was excited to prep our lunches for the week! “

Day 9 Workout by Homefieldfitness

“I absolutely love having little M join me for my #workout ! She helps remind me to not take things too seriously and always make time for laughing!”

Day 10 Stretch by Ten_Eighty_Four

“Today’s momentum photo challenge challenged me to #stretch after a day of travel.”

Day 11 Sneakers by ThisMamaRunsForCupcakes

“Never in my running career have I been brand loyal with my running #sneakers until I discovered Asics America. These were the shoes that nursed my calves back to health after a year with a nagging calf injury…can’t run without em! Are you brand loyal? What is your fav running sneaker?”

Day 12 Morning by ADailyDoseofFit

“I don’t usually post pics of my kids, but this proud mom moment had to be shared: My girl “ran” her first 5K today! Such a great #morning.”

Day 13 Recipe by Sefarny

“Egglplant lasagna, my own #recipe, on of my favorite meals!”

Instagram is an absolute blast and I have loved seeing all these people making their health and fitness a priority- especially those fit moms setting the example for their munchkins.

We have a winner selected each week at random.  Head on over to my Instagram and check out who won this week’s prize.  The more you participate, the better chance you have to win an awesome prize from Momentum Jewelry.   At the very end of the challenge we will draw one last and final winner who will receive Momentum’s newest leather bracelet, plus a basket of Tara and I’s favorite health and fitness related items.

Don’t forget, it is not too late to play along.  Join us this week for these fun prompts:

Monday, September 14: Community: Fitness communities are inspiring and help us reach our goals.  Show us your fitness community.

Tuesday, September 15:  Gym Bag:  What is in your gym bag?  Show us!  Do you have a favorite gym bag? We’d like to see that too!

Wednesday, September 16: Plank: A plank is a great core exercise and there are so many variations.  What is your favorite way to plank?

Thursday, September 17: Throwback: Because how much fun is looking back on your past workouts, races or even where you started on this journey!

Friday, September 18: Meal: No judgement here, show us your favorite meal you are eating today.  Yes, cookies and cupcakes are okay- it is all about balance.

Saturday, September 19: Fit Friends: Everyone needs fitness friends.  Show us your friends, tell us what you love about them and tag them so they can play along.

Sunday, September 20: Read: What are you reading?  A good book, magazine or article is a great way to unwind.  We’d love some inspiration to add to our reading list.

I can’t wait to see you what you post this week.  Stay fit, friends!

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