Friday’s Favorites VI

Happy Halloween!  How many of you are sending your munchkins off to school in costumes or halloween themed clothing?  Claire refers to everything with a pumpkin as “pumpkin patch”, so I am sure when she wakes this morning and I dress her in her pumpkin shirt she will say, “pumpkin patch, Mommy.”

We have another busy, but fun weekend planned: trick or treating, cheering on two of our favorite runners, friends visiting and a birthday party.  I can’t wait to get it started, but first, some of my favorites from this week…

Favorite Munchkin Moment

Max has been super smiley all week!  After naps Thursday he was on the bed and Claire wanted to get up there with him.  She and I spent about thirty minutes just trying to make him smile.  I would tickle him or make sounds and she would do the same thing.  When he would smile she would just giggle.  I love being able to experience these moments with the two of them.

Favorite Workout

Am I allowed to say that every single workout was my favorite?  I loved being back at the gym this week!  I am sore in a way I haven’t been for months.  Saturday I met my friend Farrah at the gym and we lifted heavy- it was awesome.  I taught Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and kicked my own butt.  I also threw in a few runs and personal lifting sessions.  Being back was good for my body… it was the BEST for my mind!

Favorite Eat

I know I posted my pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe this week, but it was my favorite thing to eat all week.  The cookies have finally exited the house, which is probably a good thing.  I just love them!  I try to justify it by “they don’t have that much sugar!”  I loved enjoying them with a cup of decaf while the kids were napping in the afternoon.

Favorite Read

The blog post: Little Girls and Their Mommas really is beautifully written and so true.  Sometimes I get sad that Claire is extra snuggly with her Daddy in the evenings and seems to get sick of me.  When I read this it reminded me that she will always need me… just like at 30, I still need my Mommy.

Favorite Item

Coconut oil tops the list as my favorite item this week.  I know you are thinking that probably should be a food, but I have actually been using it beyond the kitchen.  I read somewhere that it is good for your skin and makeup removal and have been using it for just that.  I don’t wear much makeup during the week, but I have been putting this on my face before bed and have noticed a difference.  I have also been putting it on my lips (hello moisture).  Here is a list of 101 uses for coconut oil.  Give it a whirl, it’s truly good for your body inside and out!


Your turn- tell me!
What are some of your favorites this week?

Have you used coconut oil outside of the kitchen?  What for?

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