Friday’s Five Favorites VIII

Friday once again!  I usually feel really good on Fridays and am ready for the weekend to get started so we can relax and enjoy some time as a family.  This weekend I won’t be ready for the weekend until about noon tomorrow.  The Girls on the Run 5k is tomorrow and once that is over I will really be able to relax.  I have some last minute items to finish up this morning and my weekly grocery shopping to do.  I usually am a morning gym goer, but since I have so much to do today I need to go this evening, which is fine because I get to workout with my dear friend Farrah.

However, I am excited for all of the spectacular sporting events that are taking place this weekend: the IU Basketball season opener tonight, the Monon Bell game tomorrow, and the Colts vs. Patriots game on Sunday.

Enough about what I am looking forward to, let’s get to the Friday routine of what I have loved this week.

Favorite Munchkin Moment

I love seeing both of my children interact together, but sometimes it is so wonderful when you get to have a few rare moments with just one of them.  Yesterday when Claire was napping Max was wide awake.  We sat in my bed and played for quite some time.  He was so smiley and making all kinds of sweet noises.  I love getting to have one-on-one time with him.

It was a rare day that I got one-on-one time with both of them in one day.  Max was fast asleep when it was time to put Claire down for bed.  She picked out her pajamas and picked these Christmas pajamas.  They have a little skirt you can put over the pants and as soon as I did she said, “Fancy Mommy,” and immediately started twirling around.  Then she wanted me to stand up, hold her hands and dance around her room… and so we did.  We danced around her bedroom for a long while and sang songs.  I love these moments with her!

Favorite Workout

As a fitness instructor I plan all of my classes.  Nothing comes to me pre formatted.  I come up with the moves, the sequence, the music, everything.  I do not do the whole workout until I get to class- just parts of it at home to make sure things fit and flow.  Yesterdays Cardio Sculpt class was one of those that once I did the whole workout I couldn’t believe how tough it was.  I was drenched when it was over and my muscles were shaking!  Such a good, fun workout.

Favorite Eat

A friend of mine recommended this Mateo’s salsa from Costco so I thought I would give it a whirl.  It is amazing!  Next time I am there I will have to pick up a couple of jars.  I have put it on lots of things this week: egg whites, salads, and raw veggies.

Favorite Read

I discovered a new blog that I love this week…. and she is an Indiana blogger, even better.  I have really enjoyed exploring and reading several of LeAnn’s posts at RealFitRealFood.  She and her family completely eliminated all processed food.  She is inspiring!  There are several recipes I can’t wait to try and I plan on serving her taco bites at an event I am hosting.  Check her out!

Favorite Item 

Old Navy does it again with their active/ lounge wear line.  I was doing a little online Christmas shopping last weekend and picked up a little something for myself.  I had been eyeing this sweatshirt and finally bought it (hey, it helped me get free shipping).  It is so warm, comfortable and super cute.  It is perfect to throw on after the gym, with a pair of leggings or even a pair of jeans and boots.  Now I just need the black one too.

Old Navy Sweatshirt

Your turn- tell me!
What are you loving this week?
When you find something you really like, do you get it in more than one color?
What plans are you looking forward to this weekend?


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