Friday’s Five Favorites #18

Hello “somewhat sunny” Friday here in Indiana!  I am here once again to express to you my love for Fridays: some one-one one time with my little man, reflecting on the past week and the anticipation of a weekend with my little family.  I changed up my Friday routing a little bit this morning.  I usually hit the gym around 9:30am, but today I took the plug, got out of bed early and was done with my workout and home (with two coffees and a chocolate milk in hand) by 7:15- awesome!  I think I might have found a new Friday ritual.   The one part of my routine I am keeping is sharing my favorites from the week with you, so let’s get to it.

Favorite Munchkin Moment

Are you getting sick of me saying how much I love watching these two munchkins of mine interact?  Now that M is getting more exciting C loves it.  When he is napping she wants to wake him up so that they can play.  She thinks it is absolutely hilarious when he smiles at her.  We usually spend a half an hour or so in the playroom before nap time.  This week, C thought it would be fun to have M lay on top of her (and vis versa- don’t worry, I was watching closely).  They were both having so much fun just staring at each other and giggling.  These are the type of moments I hang on to.  The type of moments that I am so grateful that I am the one that gets to see this.  When days get tough (because even stay-at-home moms have hard days), I remember these moments and I wouldn’t trade them for any salary or any extra luxuries.


Favorite Workout

I have been working to increase my bench press for awhile now and have a goal to be able to bench 110 pounds by this summer.   Well, that goal is going to be expedited.  I found an event this week that combines my two loves: running and lifting weights.  I cannot even weight to participate in this event.  The event is called “Pump & Run”.  You bench press and run a 5k.  For my age group, I have to bench press 70% of my weight and for every rep I complete, they will take 1 second off of my 5k time.  I am excited… but that’s a lot of weight I have to bench press.  This morning I went to the gym and completed this workout: run 1 mile, row 1000 meters, 20 kettle bell swings, bench & dead lift superset, run 1 mile, row 100 meters, 20 kettle bell swings, pull-up & squat superset.  My heart rate got into the same zone when lifting as it did running and rowing.  This bench press and cage dead lift superset was awesome and I will feel it tomorrow.

Favorite Eat

Hello, fish tacos that were so delicious that I forgot to take a picture.  I used this recipe from Clean & Delicious for my tacos and substituted the shrimp for tilapia.  Since I do not eat dairy, I subbed out greek yogurt for coconut milk yogurt and it was awesome.  I baked the tilapia using a generous amount of chipotle seasoning- awesome!  These will be added to our weekly taco rotation.

Favorite Read

I am loving reading all Chalene Johnson’s fit tips these days.  I have jumped on her podcast bandwagon as well. If you haven’t checked her out- do.  I loved reading this Fitness Myth she wrote this week about muscle weighing more than fat.

Favorite Item

My month of no spending is over and what do I do?  Get a new gym bag!  I know I am trying to live simpler and with less so I sold my old gym bag on a virtual sale and bought a new one from a friend.  I actually had a net gain of $5 and there is no extra “stuff” in my house- I am learning!  My previous gym bag was not conducive to all the stuff I take to the gym: cds (yes, I am old fashion when I teach), my folder of workouts for my class, shoes, food (lots of it), water bottle, blender bottle, extra clothes, etc.  This Thirty-One All Pro Tote is awesome!  Historically they have only sold this in April so you might want to find a Thirty-One rep soon so you won’t miss out on it this time- I got lucky that my friend had an extra.


Your turn- tell me!
What is something you are loving this week?
What is your go-to gym bag?

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