Hello, I am Hollie, a 30-year old past elementary teacher with a masters degree in school administration turned stay-at-home mom and fitness enthusiast.   I live the Indianapolis suburbs with my husband, Josh, our two-year old daughter, Claire, and my almost one year old, Max.

I enjoy eating and cooking healthy, but my really passion is fitness and exercise.  The importance of fitness and exercise was engrained in me at a very young age through my mother who is a fitness instructor and avid runner.  My favorite type or workouts are non-dancey group exercise classes, running (preferably training for half marathons), and doing a heavy lift circuit.   My love for all things fitness related led me to become a group fitness instructor in June of 2009.  I love delivering tough workouts and fitness knowledge to people in different stages of their fitness journey.

I am devoted to show my children what it means to live a strong, healthy life through clean, balanced eating, and fun, intentional exercise.  It is my goal to inspire you to do the same for yourself and your families.

Contact me: [email protected]

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