BlogTalk Tuesday: Taking the Next Steps

It’s another Blog Talk Tuesday here on Muscles & Munchkins and just like the last two weeks, in honor of my 1 year Blogiversary, I am sharing some more tips and tricks for starting a blog.  If you missed the last two weeks, make sure you go back and catch up on Why I Blog and Tips to Starting a Blog.

If you took last week’s post to heart and think you are ready to take the plunge and start a blog yourself, then I have exactly what you need to do next.  If after last week’s post you still aren’t sure, keep practicing and keep brainstorming.

When I started this blog it was a whole different world for me.  I thought I would just start it and start writing.  How difficult could it be?  Contrary to what I thought, it is hard and time consuming, but it is fun!.  Each week I learn something new in the ever changing world of blogging and social media.

Next Steps for Starting a Blog

1.  Be Patient & Strategic

This is something I did not do and highly recommend it.  I know that once you decide you want to start a blog your natural instinct is to get you free site and your free design and start writing.  Take your time and do not be in a hurry. Go ahead and start writing, keep those posts in a safe place and come back to them.

Make a list of your first  posts so that once you launch your are ready to go and are not overwhelmed trying to keep up with posting.  Strategize your list of things you will do in the first couple of weeks of launching your blog.

2.  Hire Someone

If you are not a web designer yourself, this is absolutely necessary if you want to grow our blog.  Hire this person even before you have a name.  This person will help you self host, create a design and will most likely have tips for you.

I know you are probably thinking, “but I don’t have the money and I am not making money.”  Hiring someone is worth the initial investment.  All businesses require some up front capitol and blogging is no different.  I found that since I hired someone and I spent money on this, I put more time and effort into it.  I wanted to make sure I was getting back what I put into it and did not waste our family’s hard earned money.

I used Heather with Mortitz Fine Designs and she was wonderful.  She is extremely knowledgeable and will work with you so that your design is exactly what you have envisioned.

3.  Brainstorm a Name

Chances are if you hire a designer it will take a few weeks to get everything set up and looking the way you would like it.  This gives you time to brainstorm your name.  Make sure you love your name and it is something that can grow with you.  A lot of people these days are using their own name for their blog instead of something like Muscles and Munchkins.  Some days I wish I would have done this, and some days not.

Make a list of single words that describe you, things you like, what you will write about and how you want to be known.  Try putting them together.  Test out a few titles and a tagline and see how it goes together.  Sleep on it for a couple of weeks before you marry yourself to a name or tagline.

4.  Read, Listen, Learn

Not only is my blog designer good at design, she is also a great teacher and I love learning from her.  I started out by reading a lot of ebooks and blog posts on blogging.  Then I paid for a one-on-one coaching sessions with Heather to get me started.  I also enrolled in the Elite Blog Academy with Ruth Soukup from Living Well Spending Less.  

I highly recommend  reading and also taking a class on blogging in conjunction with the launch of your blog.  I did not start my Elite Blog Academy until after my blog was already up and running and I have found that the first couple of units would have been helpful when I was starting my blog.  I had to go back and spend time making changes that I should have done in the very beginning


Having a blog is fun and rewarding, especially for me as a stay-at-home mom.  It really gives me a purpose beyond those two little sweet munchkins of mine.  Blogging gives me an outlet, and a chance to use my God-given talents to educate and inspire people.  It has been a lot of work, but fun work and I wouldn’t change it for the world.  If you are thinking you want to take the next step, use these tips and get moving- I look forward to reading your blog soon.

Your turn- tell me!
Bloggers, what tips would you add to this list?
Non bloggers, share your reasons (or lack there of) to starting a blog!

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