Friday’s Five Favorites #16

It’s Friday and another chance to reflect on my favorite things from the week- I love it!  It is much later than usual and I actually contemplated on skipping this post this week all together, but I myself needed to reflect on the good things and the things that made me smile this week.

It has been a long week- 2 weeks in a row like this.  Last week M when through a growth spurt which gave me very little sleep and this week C tried to drop her nap time which made the little downtime I do get non existent.  Although these days have been long I have to try and remember to cherish this time as these two gifts of mine won’t be little forever.  I once read, “The days are long, but the years are ever so short,”- and isn’t that the truth!

So what are some of my favorites from this week?

Favorite Munchkin Moment

Now that M is able to interact even more, the bond that is forming between him and his sister is amazing!  He giggles at her, reaches for her, and watches every move she makes.  She likes to get down close to him, ask him how he is, hold his hand and kiss him over and over.  I think her most favorite thing to say to him must be, “Good job buddy, look at you!”.  Each day I get to watch these two grow in sibling love is such a blessing!

Favorite Workout

Let’s see, I taught on Monday, Tuesday & Thursday.  On Wednesday I skipped my workout due to a dentist appointment and today I had 4 hours of CPR & First Aid training so my workout did not get done either.  It is rare that I take two rest days, but that is the way it worked out this week and I am okay with that.  Since most of my workouts were the classes I taught and then a quick couple lifts or a run after I will pick my favorite exercise this week: the pull-up.  Everyday after or before I taught I knocked out some type of pull-up and I can feel myself getting stronger.  Today my back is super sore from 4 sets of 10 jumping pull-ups with a slow engaged lowering of the body.

Favorite Eat

This salad was served twice with dinner this week and was awesome: chopped spinach, one piece of bacon, 1 hard boiled egg, sunflower seeds and balsamic vinegar.  After the first time I served it, J said, “I could eat this salad all the time,”- good because I think we will be having it often.

Favorite Read

Did you read this article going around?  No, You’re Not A “Real” Mom Because Your House Is Messy  If you haven’t read this, do so.  If you sometimes feel inadequate because of you, don’t.  Realize we all has gifts as moms and as human beings.  Just because our gifts aren’t the same as the mom who is dressed in her Sundays best at preschool drop off doesn’t make us as less of a parent. We all have our own gifts and our own choices because we are all made uniquely different- and that is okay!

Favorite Item

How did I ever live without a crockpot?  One day this week I had not one, but two crockpots going, and it made me realize how much I love these kitchen gadgets.  They make mealtime so easy (as I am sitting there smelling the aroma of my italian beef that has been cooking all day).  This week I made four meals in the crockpot: Sweet Potato Turkey Quinoa Chili, Italian Balsamic Chicken, a whole chicken for lunches, and now Italian Beef.  Here are the two slow cookers I have: smaller one and bigger one.

Your turn- tell me!
Share something you loved about this week!
What is your favorite kitchen gadget?
What are your unique gifts as a person?

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